7 Best Things To Do In Florida

7 Best Things To Do In Florida. Are you searching for some of the best things to do in Florida? Don’t worry. I got you covered!. But first, let me tell you something about Florida. This state is a haven for those who thirst for adventure and thrill. It has dozens of sunken gardens, theme parks, and historical sites. And of course, who would ever miss Florida’s heavenly beaches?  

Surely enough, Florida is a majestic tourist destination. However, let me remind you that some of its attractions are spread out. Hence, you might need to travel a lot!

So let’s cut to the chase. Here are some of the things that you need to do once you set your feet in Florida!


Explore The Devil’s Den

If you love to experience the ancient world, then visiting The Devil’s Den in Florida is the right thing to do. This underground spring is one of the oldest prehistoric sites in the United States. It is also one of the state’s hidden gems, so you never miss the opportunity to visit it. 

Devil’s Den spans around 120 feet in diameter and has a depth of 54 feet. Throughout the year, its temperature only averages to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of these cozy features, many find this underground spring as a perfect venue for scuba diving and snorkeling. RV camping is also possible around its premises. 

You’ll also enjoy some of the existing amenities present in the area, such as charcoal grills, pavilions, and cabanas. There’s even a heated swimming pool here!

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Mesmerize In Universal Studios

If you are bringing your kids with you, I suggest that you head to Universal Studios. It is a theme park located in Orlando and is frequently visited by those who are into the Marvel Universe or Harry Potter. 

Of course, this theme park has all the amenities that you need to enjoy and have fun. It comes with three parks, too: the Volcano Bay, Islands of Adventure, and Universal. Meanwhile, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is within the two parks. By riding on the Hogwarts Express, you may be able to explore the majority of the theme park. 

You’ll also love the fact that Universal Studios has some of its golden collections of classic film memorabilia. If you want to tour down the memory lane of anything related to Universal Studios, this is the right place to go.

Sunbathe In Clearwater Beach 

I can’t really complete this list without including a famous Florida beach. The Clearwater Beach gained its world-class rapport thanks to its stretch of pristine white sand and turquoise waters. Even locals of Florida can’t get enough of this scenic natural wonder. 

Sunbathe In Clearwater Beach  - 7 Best Things To Do In Florida
Sunbathe In Clearwater Beach 

The beauty of Clearwater Beach attracts millions of tourists all over the world. Along its serene stretch are lines of cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy local delicacies. I suggest that you head to Pier 60, especially during the night. There, nightly revelries and artisan vendors are waiting for you. 

Of course, there are many things that you can do in Clearwater Beach–from paddleboarding to parasailing. For those who simply want to relax and forget the errors of the world, lying flat on its soft sands while basking in the sun is just pleasurable.

Experience The Kennedy Space Center

If you are heading to Florida, you should never miss the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Center. It is one of the ten field centers of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA. Hence, it has a distinct prestige that no other attractions in Florida can offer. 

Visiting the Kennedy Space Center can become a valuable experience for you and your family. There, you can peek at what astronauts usually do. It also gives you the chance to witness the grand Space Shuttle Atlantis. Tourists are also encouraged to explore the US Astronaut Hall of Fame and the space center’s rocket garden. Overall, you can guarantee that this tour is both educational and an eye-opener. 

Relax In The Bok Towers

The state of Florida is an aggregate of natural spectacles. Therefore, it is just proper that I include some of its beautiful views on this list. This time, I am going to feature the sanctuary known as the Bok Towers. 

Bok Towers is a unique attraction in Florida, given that it functions as an aviary and contemplative garden. Specifically, it is located in Lake Wales and has a total land area of 250 acres. Throughout this green space, you will see different varieties of trees, flowers, and plants. The place is also sprinkled with artistic touches, making it quaint and appealing.

Furthermore, standing in the heart of this garden is the 205-foot-tall Singing Tower that is embedded with carillon bells. If you want to experience some challenges, hiking within its scenic Pine Ridge Trail is the best course for you.

Get Lost In The Ringling Museum 

One of the fanciest things that you can do in Florida is exploring the Ringling Museum. Located in Sarasota, it is undeniable that it is among the biggest museums that Florida has to offer. Accordingly, the museum has a total size of 66 acres, making it extremely massive. 

It also showcases a diversity of collections and exhibits. When it comes to relics and displays, the museum is definitely affluent. 

The John and Mable Ringling Museum Of Art is one of its most visited places. It displays a plethora of modern and antique opuses. At the same time, you are also free to spend your hours enjoying the eccentric and interactive Circus Museum. 

Within the premises of the Ringling Museum is the Bayfront Gardens, which is a charming display of beautifully arranged trees, plants, and ornaments. 

Detour In Walt Disney World

Disney is one of the biggest tourist magnets in Florida. After all, it is Disney! Who can resist it, right?

Disney offers a collection of massive theme parks both children and adults can enjoy. Specifically, the Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom houses distinct rides, amenities, and themes. No recreational facilities here are the same, making Disney magical and colorful all year round. 

Aside from the iconic meet-and-greets, Disney also presents spectacular shows in every corner possible. Meanwhile, the Disney Resort hotels are warm and welcoming. Guests are accommodated with utmost care and delight! Certainly, your time in Walt Disney World will be jovial and memorable!

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