7 Best Places To Live In Utah

7 Best Places To Live In Utah. Utah is definitely a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It features five national parks: the Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and the Arches National Park. The state is the ideal alternative to Alaska if the cold is not your thing. 

In fact, Utah’s capital, Salt Lake City, is named after one of its majestic scenery. Hence, living here is definitely a dream of many people, especially those who want to remain close to nature. It is also an ideal permanent address for those who prioritize serenity and safety in their ambiance. 

Of course, there are a lot of attractive neighborhoods that Utah can offer to you. Each of them has its unique features and traits that can undoubtedly compel you to live in the state. It has numerous suburbs where you can retire or raise your family; there are also communities meant for the younger demographics and those who want to further advance their careers. 

In this video, I am going to list down all of the best places to live in Utah. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this rundown. 

Let’s get started. 

7 Best Places To Live In Utah

7. Cedar City

Cedar City acts as a gateway to some of the biggest natural parks in Utah: the Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. Hence, it is not that surprising anymore if a lot of outdoor enthusiasts chose this city as their permanent address. 

Unlike other towns in the state, Cedar City has its own university, which is the Southern Utah University, which is also a reason why it attracts a lot of migrants.

During summer, Cedar City becomes a busy town due to the Utah Summer Games and Utah Shakespeare Festival. Both of these activities gather a lot of tourists from and outside the state. 

You can either rent or own a home here, thanks to its affordable property values. The median home value of Cedar City is $215,000, 1while its median rent is only $800 a month; the latter is lower than the national average. 

The Southern Utah Museum of Art, Frontier Homestead State Park Museum, and IG Winery and Tasting Center are among the top attractions that you should visit in this suburb. 

6. North Logan

North Logan - 7 Best Places To Live In Utah
North Logan – 7 Best Places To Live In Utah

Within Cache County lies one of the most livable places throughout entire Utah. North Logan is a city that houses up to 10,000 residents. It is primarily a suburban town, and most of its locals have their own homes.  

Of course, that’s not surprising, though. The median home value for this place is $270,000 as of 2021. If you choose to rent, then you will have to spend at least $1,000 every month. Residents also earn decently here. Its median household income is $71,000, which is higher than the national average. Hence, you can always afford to live here. 

Employment opportunities in North Logan are also existent. Its biggest employers are in the field of health and technology. 

Despite being a small suburban town, North Logan still gives its residents numerous opportunities to relax and have fun. You can take your family to Elk Ridge Park and Cache Valley Fun Park for weekend recreation. If you want to explore the natural beauty of Utah from the perspective of North Logan, simply explore Second Dam, Wind Caves, Preston Valley Trail Head, and Logan Peak.

5. Park City

Beautiful is the perfect word to describe Park City. However, I do feel that it is still an understatement. 

This town is located in Summit County and has a population of fewer than 9,000 locals. Many consider it as one of the finest residential spaces throughout the state, given that it strikes the perfect balance between urban and suburban atmospheres. 

The city also has a lot of top-ranking schools where you can send your children. Hence, it is not a surprise that the education attainment in this place is relatively high–with more than 20 percent having a master’s degree or higher. 

However, keep in mind that it would take a lot before you can own a home here. After all, its median home value is at a whopping price of one million dollars. Fortunately, rental rates have just an average of $1,500 per month. But it is still higher than the national average.  

Meanwhile, the city’s median household income is $111,000 as of 2021, which somehow matches its living standards. 

Park City doesn’t lack when it comes to attractions. If you want to try snowy adventures, you can head to the Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain. Art-related attractions are flourishing in the area, such as the Park City Museum and Kimball Art Center. 

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4. Kaysville

One of the best places to live in Utah is definitely Kaysville. It is a suburb within Salt Lake City and just within the proximity of Route 15. Currently, its number of residents is 31,000. It is a suitable address if you want to raise a family. It has low crime rates, high-quality schools, and offers sufficient access to your essential amenities. 

Its median home value is $340,000, which is significantly higher than the national average. Meanwhile, its median rent is $950, which is somewhat desirable for those who still can’t afford to purchase a home here. 

Fortunately, the median household income here is indeed high. While the national average is just $62,000, Kaysville has a median household income of $100,000, making it one of the biggest throughout the entire state. Hence, you can ascertain that its residents are enjoying the quality of life that this suburb offers. 

Operating a business here is pretty convenient. Its locals say that they are more than happy to see more buildings and commercial establishments being built in the area. You can always visit Cherry Hill, Boondocks Food & Fun, and the USU Botanical Center for leisure and recreation.

3. Wasatch Hollow

Wasatch Hollow is located in the southern portion of Yalecrest. This small town is one of the fanciest suburbs within the state. In fact, many have claimed that it is in this area where you can find the best properties within Salt Lake City. 

It has been a popular destination for millennials and young adults seeking to buy their first homes. With the area’s quality, you’ll be surprised that its median home value is just at $470,000. Homes here are located on avenues teeming with trees and green spaces. If you opt to rent, expect monthly rates of roughly $1,200.

One of the interesting aspects of Wasatch Hollow is its two loops that lead into the preserve that provides people the outdoor experience that they need. Moreover, the suburb offers a plethora of walking trails and a natural spring. Transportation is not a problem here either. Most of the destinations can be reached through walking or biking. 

Also, let me tell you that the public schools in Wasatch Hollow are above the normal standards. 

2. Liberty Park

Liberty Park - 7 Best Places To Live In Utah
Liberty Park – 7 Best Places To Live In Utah

Within Salt Lake City, Liberty Park is touted as one of the gems that you should consider visiting. And if you have the opportunity, you might as well consider moving here permanently. 

Liberty Park contains high-profile neighborhoods. The standard of living here is pretty suitable for anyone, regardless of age or demographics. The median home value here starts at $400,000, while rents have an average monthly cost of $1,100. 

Furthermore, the place offers 80 acres of green space. It is filled with trees, paths, ponds, and grass. In fact, an aviary and museum are also situated in this neighborhood. If you want to shop, you should drive to either Downtown or Sugarhouse. 

The Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City’s the only aviary, and it’s found here in Liberty Park. If you want something historical, head to the Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Art.

1. Greater Avenues

Greater Avenues is one of the best communities within Salt Lake City. It has a population of less than 20,000 and offers a diversity of cultures and traditions. This town gives off a unique suburban feel to its atmosphere, enabling a laid-back life pace for most residents. 

Greater Avenues also provides high-quality public schools. Educational institutions here are highly regarded throughout the state. That’s an appealing feature for those who want to start a family. 

Meanwhile, the town is also known for its thriving nightlife. Bars and restaurants are all over the place, such as the Beerhive Pub, Bar-X, and Beer Bar. 

Moreover, Greater Avenues has sufficient access to emergency services such as the police and fire stations. You’ll feel extra safe here. However, keep in mind that home prices here aren’t that low. Property values start at $390,000, which is higher than other towns and suburbs in Utah. Fortunately, the booming economy of Greater Avenues got the costs covered!

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