5 Best Places To Live In North Dakota

5 Best Places To Live In North Dakota. North Dakota is an affluent state. It offers excellent job opportunities without losing touch with its culture and people. It has fantastic scenery, too. Anywhere you go here, a charming atmosphere seems to follow. 

Interestingly, North Dakota is one of the least populated states in the country. Hence, there’s still a lot of opportunities to move here. Once you witness its beauty, you’ll never want to leave anymore! Also, as the “breadbasket of the nation,” North Dakota features farm fields and wildlife stretches. Its majestic prairie is definitely captivating.

Hello everyone. This is Ann from Pack And GO. And in this video, I am going to list down some of the best places to live in North Dakota. Make sure that you watch this video until the end so that you’ll know where to go and move in this wonderful state. And as always, don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe buttons for more videos like this. 

5. Beulah

Starting this list is the beautiful city of Beulah, which is located northwest of Bismarck–the state’s capital. This one is just a small enclave, housing only 3,200 people. However, if you are looking for a residence that exudes a quaint, idyllic atmosphere, Beulah is your best choice. It offers a lot of amenities and activities throughout the entire year. From community events and museums, Beulah has them all!

Outdoor recreation is also a thing in this city. Many residents go to Lake Sakakawea to camp, fish, or picnic with their family and friends. 

The crime rate in Beulah is among the lowest in the state. Hence, you will never have to worry about raising your family here. Retirees here can safely roam around their neighborhood without fearing that they will get robbed in broad daylight. 

It has a low unemployment rate, too, which is just 0.9 percent. Housing prices are pretty affordable. Average homes are priced at less than $200,000. Even its rental rates will not break your pocket. Interestingly, its residents are earning big. The city’s median household income is roughly $100,000 a year! 

Two golf courses are situated in Beulah. They are the Hazen Golf Club and Black Sands Golf Course. The city also has an ample number of cafes, restaurants, and bars.

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4. Lincoln

Lincoln deserves a spot on this list. It may not be as big as other cities and towns in North Dakota. But when it comes to livability, this small town is indeed a fantastic option for many movers. 

Situated in the southeast portion of Bismarck, Lincoln presents as a peaceful community. At the same time, it offers seamless access to the services and amenities provided by its surrounding cities. One of the notable spots here is the Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. The latter is an expansive green space where you can do outdoor recreations, such as camping or fishing. After all, it is just near the Heart and Missouri Rivers. 

Lincoln is also considered a young city, given that its median population age is just 30. Hence, you can expect that this town is brimming with opportunities and possibilities. Furthermore, Lincoln features a low poverty rate. State-wide, it has the lowest poverty incidence, with just 0.5 percent. It is also indicated that most of its residents have health insurance, which is exceptionally high. 

Lincoln has the third-lowest crime rate throughout the state. Specifically, its crime rate is roughly 80 percent lower than the national average. 

Property values in Lincoln are steadily growing over the years. Its median home value is sitting at $238,000 as of the moment. Fortunately, it has a high median household income, as well. Residents here enjoy an average of $90,000 annually. 

3. West Fargo

West Fargo is arguably the fastest-growing city in North Dakota. Hence, it is not a surprise that it has the nickname “City of the Grow!” 

One striking feature of West Fargo is the higher number of research and technology companies in the area. Even Microsoft has a base here! Moreover, West Fargo also boasts its affordable and accessible healthcare services. It is one of the reasons why it is a livable city for families with children and retirees.

Furthermore, West Fargo keeps its residents satisfied and convenient. It ensures that it provides economic opportunities to its residents. At the same time, its basic commodities are leveled down so that families and households can afford them easily. 

This dense suburban city has a median home value of $241,000, while the average rental cost is roughly $900. Hence, it is not surprising that more than sixty percent of its residents own their homes here. It also has a high median household income, which is around $85,000. 

West Fargo is also a recreational hub. It has a lot of attractions, such as the Bonanzaville USA, Red River Zoo, and Rendezvous Park. It also has a lot of restaurants, shops, and wineries that can prevent you from feeling dull!

2. Bismarck

Coming in a convincing second place in Bismarck. As the state capital of North Dakota, you can expect that there are a lot of things going on in this place. Situated alongside the Missouri River, Bismarck serves as the economic frontier for north-central South Dakota and south-central North Dakota. It is flourishing with job opportunities and means to earn a living. 

Its State Capitol is one of its towering structures. It features an Art Deco design that has been derived from the memoirs of the Great Depression. Aside from this attraction, Bismarck also has superb city parks, green spaces, and even a majestic zoo. 

Moreover, culture is thriving in Bismarck. It is teeming with art shops, museums, and galleries, which is a testament to the vibrant lifestyle that the city provides. Hospitals, schools, and other services are widely available in the area. Essential commodities are incredibly affordable, too. And you can get all of these things because Bismarck offers a median household income of $64,000! 

Many Millenials are living their life in Bismarck, thanks to its proximity to various business hubs and entertainment facilities. Its low real estate property prices are also a compelling reason why youngbloods are gathering here. It has a median home value of $245,000, while its median rental cost is just $860. 

1. Fargo

Fargo - 5 Best Places To Live In North Dakota
Fargo – 5 Best Places To Live In North Dakota

Undeniably, Fargo is one of the most progressive cities, not only in North Dakota but throughout the United States. It is also a large city, accounting for almost sixteen percent of the state’s population. 

As North Dakota’s educational hub, you can expect that your children can get into high-quality schools until they get into college. North Dakota State University is situated here, which is popular for its Fargodome indoor football stadium.

Fargo is also notable for its healthcare and retail services. It offers a strong economy and easy access to affordable amenities. Price-wise, Fargo is a very welcoming state, with its basic commodities being pocket-friendly. Its median household income is 55,500, which is almost equal to the national average. Meanwhile, it also has affordable homes, having a median home value of $210,000. 

Fargo is rich in breweries, wineries, and distilleries, such as the Red Trail Vineyard and Prairie Rose Meadery. It is also oozing with nightlife. Head to its downtown, and you will spot exceptional bars and lounges, such as The Northern Gentleman’s Club and Spirits Lounge & Casino. 

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