7 Best Places To Live In New Mexico

7 Best Places To Live In New Mexico. New Mexico is not just an ordinary place. It is a tourist attraction in the United States. Aside from that, it is also a wonderful place where someone can settle in permanently. 

This state in the southwestern portion of the country is filled with vibrance. It has a friendly atmosphere that is almost as catchy as the scenery and wonders you can spot here. Furthermore, it is home to various festivals such as the International Folk Art Market and the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival. If you are here, make sure that you’ll be able to participate in these events. 

Aside from grand festivities, New Mexico is home to 35 state parks and three national parks. Hence, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, New Mexico poses itself as the perfect home for you. Moreover, local and international flavors are also sprawling throughout the many cities and towns of the state. The blend of the Native American, Spanish, and Mexican cuisines made the place a favorite go-to of gourmets. 

So, if you are looking for the best places to live in New Mexico, this video is just for you! Hello guys. I am (name) from (channel name), and in this episode, I am going to list all the ideal locations where you can live and settle in the Land of Enchantment. So sit back and enjoy this video up to the end!


Let’s start this list with the town of Eastside. It is a suburb of Albuquerque that encompasses the majority of the Sandia Mountains foothills. Because of this, this place is a premium destination for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and snowboarding. It is also the home of the ever famous Sandia Peak Aerial Tram–the longest aerial tram in North America. 

Eastside also houses the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, which is the country’s official museum when it comes to nuclear science. You can bring your kids here for a weekend tour! If you want to take a breather, then Eastside offers you an excellent dining experience. It has a plethora of restaurants lying across the downtown area. From Mexican taquerias and French bakeries, your taste buds are indeed covered here!

Since Eastside is a dense suburban community, you can expect that this place is always bustling. It offers great job opportunities, and its economy is doing well fairly. Its median home value is at $247,000, while the median rent cost is around $1,000. Hence, it is quite desirable to own a home in this area. There are also a lot of great public schools that serve the area. 

Rio Rancho

Rio Rancho - Best Places To Live In New Mexico
Rio Rancho – Best Places To Live In New Mexico

One of the most populous places in New Mexico is Rio Rancho. In fact, it contains at least 5 percent of the total population of the state. As of 2021, its number of locals is at 96,000. But does this mean that it is not good to live in this area?

Fortunately, that’s not the case.

This suburb in Albuquerque is a favorite tourist destination within Sandoval County. It offers a rural atmosphere and a welcoming ambiance. Most neighborhoods are friendly, making them ideal for families and retirees. 

Furthermore, buying a home in Rio Rancho isn’t that difficult. Its median home value sits only at $190,000, which is lower than the nation’s average. That’s the very reason why 77 percent of its residents have their own homes here. You’ll also find its median household income pretty desirable, which is around $66,800. Most [people have access to their needs here, and that’s a noteworthy feature you would want for your next home. 

Rio Rancho also offers high-quality public schools, restaurants, and other amenities. It does not lack attractions, too, such as the Petroglyph National Monument, Casa Rondeña Winery, and Coronado Historic Site. 


Mesilla is an easy pick for this list. This town in Doña Ana County offers itself as a valuable destination for people who want to experience the best that New Mexico has to offer. It is a suburb that has a population size of only 2,200 people, which is considerably small as compared to other destinations that I featured here. 

One of its striking features is the fact that its median home value is just within the national average, specifically around $213,500. With that amount, you can get a well-furnished property that you can call home. Of course, you may also rent here, considering that its median rent is just $720 a month. 

Furthermore, Mesilla is also known for its low crime rates, given that its population is small and residents are closely tied to each other. The place doesn’t lack good public schools either, so it’s something that should seal the deal for you. While it is true that its median household income isn’t that big, the prices of commodities here are low anyway. 

Mesilla is the gateway for the Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park. The latter offers dozens of hiking and biking trails. Within the town, you’ll be mesmerized by its unique architectural feats, such as the Basilica San Albino Catholic Church.


Within Sandoval County, you’ll find the quaint but thriving community of Corrales. This one is among the plethora of villages in the said county. Its esteemed reputation lies in the fact that it is a neighborhood driven by agricultural activities. Of course, that shouldn’t be surprising, though, as this settlement is just within the proximity of the Rio Grande River. The latter easily becomes the water source for yields to grow abundantly. 

Living in Corrales will take you back from the urban lifestyle that you might be used to. Here, things are quiet and simple. It has almost non-existent crime incidents, which is an ideal factor for families and retirees. 

Interestingly, Corrales is abundant with festivals and events all year long. These activities strengthen the bond of its community and let them enjoy the provisions that New Mexico has to offer. 

However, keep in mind that the median home value in this place has a steep price stage. The average property value in the area is $447,000. But given the high-quality living standards that the village has to offer, that price is something that a lot of people are willing to pay. 

Attractions in Corrales include the Acequia Vineyards and Winery, Corrales Winery, and the Casa San Ysidro museum.

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Sandia Heights

This suburb in New Mexico is a popular pick for people who want to settle in a laid-back yet progressive community. Sandia Heights specifically sits between Bernalillo County and the Sandia Mountains’ western base. To its south is the city of Albuquerque, which serves as its southern border. 

As of 2021, this place has just a population of 3,500 people. It offers a rural atmosphere, which is perfect for people and families who want to live somewhere that is far from the urban hustle and bustle. However, keep in mind that this is a premium address to pursue, with its median home value sitting at $465,000. Despite this, most of its residents have their own homes here. It’s proof that Sandia Heights is a place for the affluent. And if you are one, you should consider this as your home. 

Based on records, most of the locals here have high educational attainment. Specifically, more than half of its people have a master’s degree or higher. Its emphasis on education is also seen by the quality of public schools serving the area. 

Living in Sandia Heights opens you to various attractions and activities. Since it is near to various tourist hotspots in New Mexico, you can always visit the Sandia Peak Tramway, New Mexico Rattler, and the ever famous Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum.

White Rock

The Land of Enchantment is better appreciated if you live in idyllic tiny towns such as the White Rock. You see, this peaceful rural area offers an excellent living standard to its citizens. And if you move here, you’ll experience the same provisions, too.

White Rock is a closely-knitted community, with a population of 5,700 people strong. It is situated within Los Alamos County, which is considered the most progressive area in New Mexico. Owning a home here is doable, as its median home value is just at $300,000. In fact, 92% of its residents have their respective abodes. With its median household income, I am pretty sure that you and your family can live here as comfortably as possible. 

And just because White Rock has a rural ambiance doesn’t mean that it is boring. After all, it offers multiple parks and hike routes that you are free to explore and roam around. I really recommend that you check out the White Rock Overlook and Anderson Overlook if you want to grasp the picturesque beauty that New Mexico has to offer. 

Are you into climbing? Then you should prepare your gear so that you can conquer the Diablo Canyon Recreation Area!

Los Alamos

Los Alamos - Best Places To Live In New Mexico
Los Alamos – Best Places To Live In New Mexico

Los Alamos is arguably the ground zero for scientific discoveries and advancements in the United States. After all, this place was the very location where the atomic bomb was given birth. However, Atomic City is more than just that. It is also a gateway to various protected state parks and natural wonders. In fact, just head 17 miles southwest of the city, and you’ll stumble upon the Valles Caldera National Preserve. The latter has a 13-mile-wide volcanic crater as well as miles of hiking stretches. 

With its population of 12,000 people, one could say that this town still has space for newcomers. Its median home value is $308,000, which would allow anyone to own a home in this dense suburban city. Keep in mind that it has a median household income of $116,000, which is significantly higher than the nation’s average as of 2021. 

Los Alamos has a blooming community, too. It offers various job opportunities to its residents. In fact, this place has been rated as the best suburb for young professionals throughout the state. Most of its locals have high educational attainment–around 42% have a master’s degree or higher. Its public education is definitely acknowledged in all of New Mexico. 

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