7 Best Places To Live In Nevada

7 Best Places To Live In Nevada

Nevada is more than just the sunny days. It is also a wonderful place where many families and retirees dream of settling in. From national parks to stunning events and festivities, it is not a surprise that this American state attracts millions of tourists every year. 

Moreover, Nevada has a thriving economy. Various job opportunities are waiting for you. And the mere fact that this place doesn’t have an income tax makes it an appealing choice for a permanent address. 

Are you searching for a place to call home in the Silver State? Then this video is for you! 

In this video, I’m going to list down all the best places to live in Nevada. This is a complete rundown, so I suggest that you watch this until the end. 

Without further ado, let’s get started!

7 Best Places To Live In Nevada


Reno is not a surprising pick here. As long as you are in Nevada, you have to visit this place. And of course, if you have plans to move to this state, I can say that this is one of the perfect places to settle in. 

Reno prides itself as the “biggest little city in the world.” It has a lot of economic activities going on, and its 246,500 residents are enjoying these provisions. Reno is a city located in Washoe County and within the proximity of the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, which is a part of the Yosemite National Park. Despite its urban setting, you can still enjoy stuff like hiking and skiing. 

Going back to the fundamentals, the prices in Reno have skyrocketed over the years. It has a median home value of $335,000, which is higher than the national average. Hence, it is one of the reasons why many people here opted to rent. Its median household income, on the other hand, is not that high–it is slightly short of the national average of $62,800. But nonetheless, the quality of public schools, diversity, and recreation are among the selling points that drive people to stay here.

And if you are in Reno, you go to visit the following: the Nevada Museum of Art, National Automobile Museum, Wilbur D. May Center, and the Rancho San Rafael Regional Park.


Kingsbury is one of the smallest towns in Nevada. It only has a population size of 2,144 as of 2021. It is situated in Douglas County and provides a sparse suburban setting to its residents and visitors. It has minimal crime rates, and the quality of life here is indeed suitable for raising a family. 

In fact, despite having a staggering median home value of $520,000, many people still own their homes here. People here are earning well so they can always meet their needs and wants. Furthermore, it has to be noted that public schools that serve Kingsbury are acknowledged throughout Nevada. The Douglas County High School and Jacks Valley Elementary School, for instance, are producing quality graduates. 

With its fine weather, moderate crime rates, and affluent atmosphere, living in Kingsbury is never a regrettable decision. 

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The idyllic community of Henderson is one of the safest neighborhoods in Nevada. Locals and residents of this place have no qualms about going out during the night. It is a suitable place to start and raise a family; if you want to retire, then this area has a home to offer to you. 

Despite its dense suburban feel, home property values in Westgate are not that expensive. The median home value here starts at $360,300, which is bearable, considering that it is close to some of Nevada’s economic hubs. Many young professionals are flocking to this place because it is an access point for various job markets. 

Meanwhile, families here have a median household income of $88,600, which enables them to live the life they want. And since it is within Henderson, you are much welcomed to try some outdoor activities such as visiting the Red Rock Canyon and Mount Charleston, as well as witnessing the Lion Habitat Ranch.

Boulder City

A 30-minute drive from Las Vegas will let you reach Boulder City. This lively outdoor-driven area in Nevada is the perfect home for those who are thrilled and giddied to do a lot of outdoor adventures. One should know that Boulder City is the very home of the Hoover Dam, which is a world-famous engineering feat. Moreover, this place also showcases the natural resplendence of the Lake Mead Recreational Area. The latter offers numerous trails, campsites, and eye-catching scenery.

Of course, the quality of life in Boulder City is definitely one of the driving forces why a lot of people go here. For instance, AreaVibes provided high ratings for this city when it comes to its amenities, cost of living, and low crime rate. It is also notable that its public schools are definitely impeccable. 

Buying a house in this city is quite doable. Specifically, its median home value is at $339,000. With the economic opportunities being presented by this place, you’ll certainly get a livable abode here.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas - 7 Best Places To Live In Nevada
Las Vegas – 7 Best Places To Live In Nevada

Well, I am sure that many of you are waiting for Las Vegas to pop on this list. Now, here it is. 

Las Vegas is undeniably the most popular place in Nevada. With the moniker “Sin City,” Las Vegas is home to hundreds of casinos, hotels, clubs, and other forms of nightlife galore. Its entire economy heavily relies on these businesses, which is evidently thriving anyway. Residents here are used to luxurious dining and high-quality living standards. Of course, it is also given that this place in Clark County has millions of tourists every year, especially before COVID-19 took place. 

Despite the glitz and glamour that Vegas offers, it is quite surprising that it still offers affordable housing options. This city has a median home value of $258,000, which should allow anyone who earns decently to get a property here. Moreover, there are high-caliber public schools serving in Las Vegas, which solidify the fact that this city is more cerebral than you think.

If you are looking for conducive neighborhoods in Las Vegas where you can retire or raise a family, I suggest the following: Summerlin, Peccole Ranch, and Sovana. 

Furthermore, Las Vegas isn’t just limited to the life of the party. Just move a little, and you will be able to experience some of Nevada’s finest outdoor adventures. You can explore the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, have fun in Lake Mead, and wander around the trails of the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.


Those who are willing to experience the Wild West of Nevada should come and live in Elko. This area is situated in the northern portion of the state; it is the home to authentic cowboys and other related attractions such as the Wild Horse Reservoir State Recreation Area, Cowboy Arts and Gear Museum, and the iconic J.M. Capriola Co. 

Of course, outdoor adventures are also waiting for you here. Elko has a number of outdoor parks where you can hike, camp, or have a picnic with your family and friends! Currently, Elko has 20,300 residents. They enjoy the sparse urban feel that this town offers. Many young professionals and families are living in this place because of its affordable cost of living. It also has a moderate median home value, which is around $232,000, so it’s better to purchase a property here than rent. Interestingly enough, the median household income in Elko is $79,000, which is significantly higher than the country’s average. 

Keep in mind that Elko is the gateway of the Ruby Mountains, as well as the untamed natural wonders that Nevada has to offer. You should never miss the Cowboy Corridor so that you can experience the true Wild West in Elko.

Incline Village

The Incline Village is definitely an unpopular choice for many people. But if you want a conducive place to live in Nevada, this is the right destination for you. This area is situated along the banks of Lake Tahoe and offers a beautiful natural spectacle. It has towering groves of pines, which add to its alluring vibrance. 

One of the most interesting facts about the Incline Village is that it houses multiple ski resorts. Hence, if you are into snow sports, you have to set your feet in this place. 

However, one thing that I need to inform you here is that Incline Village is one of the most expensive suburban neighborhoods throughout the state. The median home value here is a staggering $869,900, which is way higher than the country’s average. But of course, with this price, you’ll get a home that is brimming with architectural quality and features. If you are capable of dealing with the cost, then you’ll be glad to stay in this crime-free, affluent community. 

Once you are in the Incline Village, you’ll be greeted by natural wonders such as Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park, Sand Harbor, and Burnt Cedar Beach. For skiing pursuits, simply venture to the Diamond Peak Ski Resort.

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