5 Best Places To Live In Michigan

5 Best Places To Live In Michigan. Michigan offers a lot for its residents and tourists. It has exceptional weather all year round. It doesn’t experience the harshest of winter and summer, making it appealing for those who aren’t tolerant to extreme temperatures. 

At the same time, Michigan is a venue for those who want to savor the low cost of living. From the essential commodities down to guilty pleasures, Michigan remains affordable for all classes. 

Furthermore, numerous attractions are found within the Great Lakes State, such as Mackinac Island, the Detroit Institute of Arts, and the Pictured Rocks National Seashore. Of course, there are a lot more wonders that you can discover here.

Hello everyone. This is Ann from Pack And GO. In this video, I am going to showcase some of the best places to live in Michigan. Watch this video until the end to know all your options if you are planning to move to this state. And as always, don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe buttons for more videos like this. 

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5. Ann Arbor

One could say that Ann Arbor is a city of contrasts. It has the perfect amalgamation between being an urban and rural enclave. At the same time, it strikes the ideal balance between traditions and technology, as well as being intelligent and sporty. 

Ann Arbor is popular for many reasons. One of the reasons is that this city is the home of the University of Michigan. Another reason is that residents here can enjoy its seemingly Midwestern college town atmosphere. It is lined with historic streets, which are fully studded with gift shops, bookstores, and even taverns. Furthermore, Ann Arbor has a thing for cultural events and destinations. 

Its proximity to Detroit is another feat that makes the city a go-to place for many people. Because of this trait, it is undeniable that Ann Harbor already possesses an international community atmosphere and sense of inclusivity that you can’t find in other large cities. 

Its median home price isn’t as expensive as compared to other cities in the state. An average home here only costs $270,000. But at the same time, its annual average wage requires some improvement, to be honest. Fortunately, the cost of living in this city is quite bearable. 

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4. Berkley 

Berkley is among Michigan’s finest places to live in. This is where the Eleven Mile and MI-1 meet, making the city an access point to various premier locations in the state.

Furthermore, Berkley is considered a hot spot for the young population. The reason for this is quite simple. The costs of its commodities are affordable, and the prices of homes are just at the entry level. An average home here may only cost $199,000. Moreover, many people love the fact that Berkley has a low crime rate. 

I have to emphasize that the cost of living in this city is lower than the national average. Starting from scratch in this place is not a problem since it has manageable prices. 

If you are in Berkley, you have to spruce your life by exploring its shops and facilities. It has numerous pubs, restaurants, and cafes to choose from. It has an active nightlife, too, given that it has a young population that is thirsty for adventure and excitement. 

3. Huntington Woods

According to the site Home Snacks, Huntington Woods is the third-best city in Michigan. This means that you can have the life you want here without dealing with bothersome crime and poverty rates. Given that it is situated southeast of Detroit, you can expect that this place can give opportunities for economic and social mobility.

This city isn’t as big as other cities in the state. It only has less than 6,400 residents. And it can really spare you from traffic and congestion. Furthermore, most of its residents are not only hospitable; they are well-educated, too. In fact, a majority of them have attained a master’s degree or higher. 

Huntington Woods is also called “The City Of Homes,” so everything here should give you the perfect setting for retiring or raising a family. Its median home price is just $360,000, while its median income is $136,000. I am pretty sure that you can afford to sustain your living standards here!

Life in Huntington Woods is never dull either. There are numerous places to explore, such as the Cranbrook Institute of Science, Detroit Zoo, Arctic Ring of Life, and the Polk Penguin Conservation Center. You should come and stay here!

2. Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the most acceptable cities that you can ever visit in Michigan. And if you are lucky and dedicated enough, you might be able to live in this place one day.

Situated in the southeast of Detroit in Oakland County, Birmingham remains to be a flourishing city. It currently has 21,000 residents, which is a testament to how this city attracts people from different walks of life. Aside from that, Birmingham is also known for being a walkable community. You can get through various destinations in this area with just your feet!

The city is also rich with various activities that both adults and children can enjoy. Seasonal activities, such as the farmer’s markets during summer, are among the things that enliven the lives of Birmingham’s residents. 

However, keep in mind that the median home value of this city is quite expensive. Sitting around $541,000 apiece, the homes will truly put weight on your hard-earned money. Moreover, it has a high median household income. After all, it provides numerous job opportunities to its people. Well-paying jobs are just around the corner!

If you are in Birmingham, I suggest visiting the Cranbrook House and Gardens, Cranbrook Art Museum, and Quarton Lake. These are some of the most appealing attractions in the area!

1. East Grand Rapids

East Grand Rapids - 5 Best Places To Live In Michigan
East Grand Rapids – 5 Best Places To Live In Michigan

It is undeniable that one of the best cities in Michigan is East Grand Rapids. A compelling reason for this is its high household income, which sits around $145,000, making it an extremely affluent place in The Great Lake State. Its high household income signifies its boisterous economic opportunities, thanks to large employers’ proximity and a business-friendly atmosphere.

Meanwhile, the median home value of East Grand Rapids isn’t that expensive as compared to other cities in Michigan. A standard home here costs roughly $370,000. 

Any outdoor enthusiast would undoubtedly enjoy the natural provisions of the East Grand Rapids. You can spend your day hiking and biking in Reeds Lake or boating at the Grand Rapids Yacht Club. Furthermore, you are also free to explore the glorious wonders of Lake Michigan Beaches, specifically those lying in the majestic Grand Haven. 

Living in East Grand Rapids is definitely worthwhile. Aside from having exceptional job opportunities and limitless natural scenery, the place also offers high-quality schools and a low crime rate. If you want somewhere safe to raise a family or retire, East Grand Rapids is the ideal place for you! 

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