7 Best Places To Live In Kentucky

7 Best Places To Live In Kentucky.The Bluegrass State may not be the first place that comes into your mind when it comes to the best places to live in the United States. But keep in mind that Kentucky is never really dull and barren. Its topography and history are pretty abundant. Needless to say, it has an economy that anyone can appreciate. 

Kentucky is the gateway to the Ohio River, which is the one that supplies water and irrigation to the place. Moreover, the Appalachian Mountains are just east of the state, so you can always enjoy this contrasting yet beautiful natural scenery. 

Of course, there are a lot of towns and conurbations in Kentucky where living becomes a true bliss. The state is a friendly residence for families, retirees, and young professionals. There’s a place for every demographic, and that’s a selling point that Kentucky offers freely. 

Hello everyone. This is Ann from Pack And Go. In this post, I am going to showcase all the best places to live in Kentucky. If you are planning to move to this state, then watch the video until the end! Also, don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button. 

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7 Best Places To Live In Kentucky

7. Deer Park

We should start our list with Deer Park. This place is a cozy yet small neighborhood in Louisville. It is close to the Seneca Gardens and Cherokee Park, so you can expect many things going on here. 

There’s a dense suburban feel in Deer Park. A myriad of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are accessible in the area. Of course, parks and other recreational facilities will make your life in Deer Park colorful and riveting. The Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, Louisville Mega Cavern, and Kentucky Rushmore are just a drive away from this place. 

Moreover, the lively atmosphere of the neighborhood allowed it to attract a lot of young professionals to come and settle in. 

Deer Park is also among the suburbs in Kentucky with the cheapest housing values. Its median home value is $260,000, so it’s an attractive choice for families and individuals who are tight on budget. Lots of excellent public schools are serving Deer Park. Parents have a lot of options where to send their children here!

6. Anchorage

The simple and quiet suburb of Anchorage is definitely one of the ideal places to move to in Kentucky. Currently, this neighborhood in Louisville is home to only 2,300 people. Hence, it is free from the buzzing atmosphere of other crowded communities in Jefferson County. 

However, let me remind you that Anchorage is a little bit expensive, especially in terms of real estate properties. An average home here has a price of at least $715,000, while rentals may cost you $1,100 a month. But apparently, its residents are relatively wealthy enough to purchase their respective homes here. In fact, 96 percent of the people in Anchorage here have a place to call home.

Another proof that this place is for the wealthy is its median household income. An average household in Anchorage earns almost $200,000 a year. Well, that’s no surprise, though, as most residents here are career people. There are also a lot of economic opportunities surrounding this neighborhood, given that it is within the progressive city of Louisville. 

Also, let me remind you the crime rates in Anchorage are extremely low. If safety and peace are your priority, you should include this area on your list!

5. Cherokee Seneca

Another place in Kentucky that you need to check out is Cherokee Seneca. This is a fast-growing neighborhood in Louisville and accommodates both Seneca Park and Cherokee Park. You’ll notice that the topography of the area isn’t flat. In fact, it is mostly hilly; it has a lot of ridges, especially around the Beargrass Creek’s middle fork. 

One notable fact of Cherokee Seneca is that it is the home of the previous Gardencourt Mansion, which is now part of the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. So you can just imagine the sacredness and quaint atmosphere that this place offers. Moreover, you’ll be surprised that many wealthy families in Louisville constructed some mansions within Cherokee Seneca during the 20th century. 

Sparsely populated, Cherokee Seneca also offers a safe and healthy living environment for families. Homes here cost roughly $450,000, so that’s a thing that you need to prepare if you are planning to reside here. Most of its residents have high educational backgrounds, with more than 40 percent of them having earned their master’s degree or higher. 

Several attractions are also within your reach if you are in Cherokee Seneca. The Baringer Hill and Hogan’s Fountain Pavilion are among the most visited places here. 

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4. Hurstbourne

You’ll never exclude Hurstbourne from this list. I mean, this suburb is a truly magnificent location within Jefferson County, with a median home value sitting at $420,000 apiece. It has a high rental rate, too. A typical apartment here will cost you roughly $1,300. Hence, there’s a clear reason as to why more people here opt to buy homes than rent. 

Hurstbourne offers a safe environment for its residents. It has a charming and semi laid-back atmosphere, which also makes it great for retirees and families who don’t want to deal with extra noise and crowds. Households here earn roughly $120,000 a year since it has close proximity to various economic hotspots in Kentucky. 

You’ll also love the fact that Hurstbourne is close to fun-filled attractions within Jefferson, such as the Malibu Jack’s Louisville, Full Throttle Adrenaline Park, and Door To Nowhere. Outdoor enthusiasts would certainly enjoy exploring the Louisville Mega Cavern and Squire Boone Caverns. 

In short, Hursbourne will never make your life boring!

3. Indian Hills

Surely enough, Kentucky’s very own Indian Hills is one of the best places to live in the state. This one is a suburb situated within Jefferson County, specifically in the city of Louisville. It is a small community, only housing roughly less than 3,000 people. However, keep in mind that it is an affluent neighborhood. 

A proof of this is the expensive median household of the area, which is around $530,000. Of course, the properties you can buy here have qualities suitable for big families and retirees who want to have a lot of space. Moreover, you have to know that all people here have their own houses. Nobody is renting here, so that’s proof that its residents are well-off. If you got the money, I really suggest that you purchase a property here. 

Don’t worry, though. Households here are earning quite high. An average family in Indian Hills is making almost $200,000 a year. 

Another appealing trait of Indian Hills is its low crime rate. It is an extra-safe neighborhood in Louisville. It is one of the reasons why a lot of Kentucky folks are dreaming of residing here. Since it has proximity to top-caliber schools in the state, it is not really surprising that the majority of its residents have bachelor’s degrees or higher. 

2. Cherokee Gardens

Amidst the lovely Louisville is the suburb of Cherokee Gardens. This one is just a small neighborhood, with only 2,500 residents as of 2021. But at the same time, it has an exquisitely beautiful ambiance that makes it an attractive place to visit and settle in. 

The sparse suburban feel of this Cherokee Gardens is a haven for those who don’t want the crowd of congested cities. In fact, it is a premium place of residency, as the average home value here is $528,000, which is more than higher than the national average. However, most of its residents–or 84 percent of them–have their own homes here. 

Its high median household income is one of the reasons why people here are more than capable of paying for their needs and wants. It got excellent public and private schools serving its younger generation, and its emphasis on education is quite apparent. As a result, a significant number of its population has either bachelor’s or master’s degrees. 

The quaint environment of the Cherokee Gardens does not suggest that it is a boring place to live. The Cherokee Park is a must-visit site in the area. It comes with 2.4-mile scenic paths and trails waiting for you to explore. The Whitehall, Kentucky Rushmore, and Crescent Hill Reservoir are also top-rated attractions within the vicinity of the neighborhood.

1. Fort Thomas

Fort Thomas - 7 Best Places To Live In Kentucky
Fort Thomas – 7 Best Places To Live In Kentucky

There’s no doubt that Fort Thomas is the best place to live in Kentucky. The majority of residents here are hard-working people, which is proven by the fact that its unemployment rate is just 2.9%. It is also a reason as to why the city is the most affluent throughout the entire state. 

Situated alongside the Ohio River, near the bridge connecting to Cincinnati, Fort Thomas is embedded with a rich history. It is one of the first settlements in Kentucky and provides a safe space for its locals and tourists. There are a lot of breweries and distilleries in this city, which makes it an excellent place for every beer lover out there. 

But at the same time, Fort Thomas also provides numerous green spaces and parks where families can visit during their free time. I highly recommend that visitors should visit The Sunlite Water Adventure, Coney Island Park, and Tower Park, as these three are some of the best attractions that this place can offer.

Some of the most reputable public schools in Kentucky are serving Fort Thomas, so it is not a surprise why residents here have high educational attainments. For the young and the young-at-heart, the city’s vibrant nightlife is definitely something that they need to experience. 

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