8 Best Places To Live In Idaho

Idaho is your passport to outdoor adventure and thrills. The state is a haven of majestic rivers and jagged peaks, which means that residents have plenty of opportunities to stay active.

From snowboarding and skiing at the Sun Valley to hiking through one of the state’s 25 state parks, there’s a lot of adventures that you can choose here. 

Furthermore, Idaho has a collection of prestigious universities such as the University of Idaho and Boise State. In fact, all cities in this state have their own colleges or universities. 

Hence, it is no wonder that many are looking to stay in Idaho for good. If you are one of these people, this video is for you!

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Today, I am going to rank all the best places to live in Idaho. Without further ado, let’s get started!


8. Garden City

Garden City, located just outside the peripheries of Boise, is considered a commuter-friendly suburb in Idaho. With around 11,000 residents, this community is home to diverse cultures and backgrounds. 

Despite Garden City’s suburban aspect, access to outdoor activities is as easy as ever.

Garden City’s monthly rent is utopian as compared to other cities. For less than $800 a month, you have access to all of Boise’s beautiful facilities and services. The city also has abundant employment opportunities with an unparalleled cost of living. 

Garden City has high-performing schools for parents to choose from. After all, there are 35 public schools in this city. 

7. Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls residents are ecstatic about their city, and it’s easy to see why. The cost of housing is reasonable, and the monthly rents are incredibly modest. The community was built along the Snake River’s course, so fishing and other related outdoor activities are just around the corner.

As one of the significant cities in Idaho, Idaho Falls has many offers to keep everyone engaged. The Idaho Falls Zoo, Museum of Idaho, as well as theatres and restaurants, keep this town busy at all times. 

Idaho Falls is a reflection of the conduciveness of the state when it comes to the low crime rate. 

Idaho Falls - 8 Best Places To Live In Idaho
Idaho Falls – 8 Best Places To Live In Idaho

6. Meridian

Locals in Idaho adore Meridian, which is located just east of Boise. If we ignore the severe winters that are taking place in this suburban community, then everything is seemingly perfect here. 

Within the Meridian neighborhood, there are 47 schools, virtually all of which have above-the-average test scores and a solid alumni base.

Meridian may be able to offer you an ideal setting to raise a family if the city borders of Boise are too much for you. It has outstanding schools for the kids and easy commuter connections if you are looking for career opportunities.

If you are in Meridian, don’t forget to visit the following attractions: Roaring Springs Water Park, Wahooz Family Fun Zone, and Settlers Park. 

5. Ammon

Ammon, a 14,000-person community, is located on the outskirts of Idaho Falls. The home costs in Ammon are rather reasonable, and if you’re looking for a rental property, you got the best deals here! The typical monthly rent is less than $800.

Despite being a community on the border, Ammon has achieved and maintained an idyllic, small-town atmosphere. Residents have high levels of satisfaction when it comes to their stay here. With more prominent cities like Idaho Falls just a drive away, access to all of the shopping, entertainment, and essential facilities is never a problem. 

Ammon is a good option for parents and families searching for an ideal place to reside in Idaho. Even though none of the twenty-two public schools in Ammon are A-rated, they routinely outperform the national average, which is a testament to the quality of the academic provisions here. 

If you are in Ammon, you’ll never get bored. Attractions like Ryder Park, McCowin Park, Guns N Gear Sports, and Willow Creek can make your life always engaging.

4. Rexburg

The little town of Rexburg is situated in Madison County. There is a changing but satisfied population residing here–around 26,000 of them, to be exact. This simple city houses the prestigious Brigham-Young University Idaho.

Moreover, this suburban region is also one of the safest places in Idaho. You can guarantee that you can live here with little chance of encountering complications. Even the locals are keen to mention the place’s family-friendly setting.

Of course, despite being a suburban community, there are a plethora of things to do in Rexburg. For those who are looking to thrill their system, just proceed to the Rexburg Rapids. The Porter Park and Rexburg Nature Park can also nestle your events and gatherings. Tourists are also encouraged to visit the Legacy Flight Museum, Rexburg Idaho Temple, and the Museum of Rexburg.

Furthermore, it is notable that local university students seldom choose to migrate once their studies are over. Hence, it resulted in the rapid development of the locality. It is safe to say that if you decide to live here, you’ll witness its growth–both economically and academically. 

3. Eagle

Eagle is one of the finest locations to live in Idaho. You can easily reach this town since it is just a 15-minute drive north of Meridian.

Prepare to take out your wallet and write a hefty check for a home here since Eagle boasts the state’s highest median property price. Moreover, Eagle’s overall cost of living is also significantly higher than both state and national averages. 

If you want to enjoy living in Eagle, you’ll need to earn at least $90,000 each year. In a nutshell, you’ll need a lot of cash here. Perhaps, it is the reason why the town has a small population, which is around 26,000 people only.

But of course, there are reasons why Eagle is a premium community. First, it is a safe city and offers a plethora of provisions for everyone–regardless of your needs and preferences. In fact, Eagle ranks as the 10th safest city in the state. 

In terms of utilities and amenities, Eagle provides traditional and modern experiences. And the best thing about this is that you can get it all by just strolling, hiking, bicycling, taking public transit, or even paddling–if you’re feeling adventurous. 

If you take the local’s advice, the Boise River Greenbelt will provide you with access to everything Eagle and Boise have to offer.

2. Moscow

The modest town of Moscow is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in Idaho. It is a revered and much-sought community, given that it has plenty of space for raising a family or starting a life of your own. With a population of just around 24,000 people, Moscow offers a cozy, laid back atmosphere. 

This town is now gaining popularity among millennials, which is a positive sign that we may expect more growth in Moscow in the coming years. Young people are starting to consider making this place their home, as it is something that you might want to consider, too. 

Although owning a home in Moscow is more expensive than in Boise, the affordable rents still attract the inflow of young adults and career people. With just an average rental cost of $800 a month, it is not surprising that Moscow is the preferred choice for individuals who want to start at the bottom and climb their way to the top.

Since Moscow is mostly a college town, it offers a lot of lifestyle variations. Things can get lively and engaging here, too, with a gamut of possibilities to socialize and do new things. 

There are mainstay attractions waiting for you in Moscow, such as the Arboretum & Botanical Garden, Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center, Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center, and Colter’s Creek Winery. 

1. Boise

Boise is Idaho’s capital, and it enjoys positive ratings when it comes to factors like livability and economic opportunities. It is touted as one of the best places to live in Idaho, and for good reasons. 

If you decide to settle here, you have the chance to access unquestionably excellent schools, which is a good thing for you and your children. Moreover, Boise also offers a decent cost of living. It is music to the ears of anyone who wants to start a family! 

Boise is below average–but in all the right ways. For instance, its median house value is just on the level with the national average. Meanwhile, the typical monthly rental rate in the city is $100 less than the average of the country. 

Career opportunities and work prospects in Boise are impressive, too. With an estimated population of 214,000 people, job possibilities in this city are still virtually unlimited. Despite its bustling atmosphere, this inner city still provides space for leisure and recreation. I said “inner city” because Boise possesses a town vibe, even if it’s the state capital. 

Locals refer to Boise as a “hidden treasure,” and I have to agree on that. After all, the city is nestled within the country’s Treasure Valley, which is just 20 minutes close to the great American wilderness such as the Bruneau Dunes State Park, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, and Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserves.

And that completes our list! Did I miss anything? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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