8 Best Places To Visit In Maine

8 Best Places To Visit In Maine

Maine is known for its unparalleled landscape and picturesque scenery. Tourists and locals alike are in love with its laid-back atmosphere; you can’t simply just get enough of it! 

Moreover, Maine is also the home of one of the most visited national parks throughout the country. Furthermore, it provides people with arguably the tastiest lobsters in the United States. But surely enough, you can find something here that would pique and accommodate your interests. 

In this video, I am going to help you locate some of the best places to visit in Maine. If you are planning to visit this state, you should check out the destinations that I’ve listed here. From culturally affluent cities to idyllic coastal towns, I got you covered. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this video until the end. 

Let’s get started!


The capital of Maine is often underrated. Many tourists prefer to rush their way to the state’s glamorous beaches. However, Augusta never lacks, especially when it comes to attractions and activities. 

In its downtown, you’ll be allured by the gallery of Victorian mansions laying on the streets. Accommodation is not a problem, as you will be treated with affordable but luxurious bed-and-breakfasts hotels and inns throughout the Maine State House, Old Fort Western, and Maine State Museum. 

Surprisingly, there’s also a place in Augusta for outdoor explorers, thanks to the presence of the Bond Brook Trails. It is a favorite destination for local hikers, so you might want to explore these rugged paths, too. Are you bringing your family with you? Then I suggest that you bring food and a picnic in the grassy Capitol Park. If you want to savor local delicacies, the chowder and shellfish menus in Augusta’s restaurants should satisfy you. 



Kennebunkport is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Maine. It established its popularity as the regular vacation spot of the Bush family for many years already. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to take a picture with this influential political family while they are relaxing in their Walker’s Point compound.  

But of course, Kennebunkport is not famous for that reason alone. This coastal area in the southern portion of Maine is an ecstatic destination for those who are longing to enjoy a sea-centered vacation. Mile-long stretches of beaches and shorelines are waiting for you here, which are lined with sailboats and tropic-styled homes. These beaches are typically quiet, with a lot of hidden paths that will lead you to some secret destinations. 

Move inside the town of Kennebunkport, and you’ll find local anglers delivering their morning catches to open-air restaurants and cafes. If you prefer to stay dry, you can stroll along Walker’s Point and enjoy the sunsets there. Kennebunkport also has some decent art galleries and boutiques that you can explore. You can see them in the Dock Square area. 


You should pick Rockland and put it on your bucket list! It is one of those coastal towns in Maine that provides picturesque sights and a laid back atmosphere. It is located 80 miles from the northeast of Portland, which is the biggest metropolitan in the state. 

Rockland is known for its collection of well-preserved lighthouses and other historic structures. It is also the home of beautiful boats that are resting peacefully alongside its harbor. Walk on its streets, and antique, shingled buildings will embrace you.  

It’s also recommended that you check out the Center for Maine Contemporary Art and Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland so that you’ll be able to explore the area’s local culture. 

Of course, you are also free to be active and giddy while you are in Rockland. It has good hiking routes, especially if you go to the blueberry fields of the Beech Hill Preserve. Just follow it through, and you’ll see the stunning coastal panoramas offered by the Beech Nut. Meanwhile, a short climb to the Owls Head Lighthouse is also a favorite tourist activity in Rockland.

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The place of Ogunquit in Maine is an ideal destination for casual tourists. One of the striking features of this area is its inviting and vibrant atmosphere. It is known for its stunning coastline that attracts many beachgoers all over the country.

However, if you don’t like crowded beaches, then you should visit Footbridge Beach instead. If you are with your kids, then I recommend that you go to Main Beach because it offers shallow water bodies. For those who are into water sports, then the perfect destination for you is Ogunquit Beach! 

After enjoying your time in the water and sand, you should explore Main Street, where many restaurants serve fresh seafood. From lobsters up to farm-to-table delicacies, everything is offered here. 

Moreover, Ogunquit is known for its friendly atmosphere. In fact, it has numerous LGBTQ-friendly bars and escapades. 


It is always recommended that you visit Camden in Maine. Situated alongside Penobscot Bay, this small harbor is affluent with charms that tourists can’t simply resist. It is always a busy spot for boats and anglers who are carrying their activities to and from the shore. The place is also filled with antique and functional lighthouses, so you might want to sign up for a cruise to explore them all. 

Furthermore, Camden is a natural habitat of lobsters and marine life. Hence, you should expect that this little tourist destination is grand when it comes to seafood delicacies. There’s a waterfront restaurant in the area that can satisfy your insatiable needs for sumptuous meals that are fresh from the ocean.

Of course, your visit to Camden would be incomplete if you cannot trek the rugged trails of the Camden Hills State Park. Ascending on these paths would let you witness overlooking scenery plotted with awe-inspiring vistas and islands.  

Acadia National Park

Your visit to Maine would be incomplete if you would never step foot in the Acadia National Park. Once you are here, you will experience the grand natural wonders that the United States has to offer. There are numerous trails in the park that are waiting for you to explore. These trails often lead to majestic scenery and unadulterated views. You’ll be able to see turquoise waves crashing on the sprawling granite slabs along the spruce tree groves. 

Hike even further, and you will have a glimpse of the harbor sealing the sun through towering sets of bedrocks lining through the coastline. Of course, the wildlife is quite ever-present here, so you’ll really feel that you are being drawn into another world. 

The rocky trails and carriage roads that are shuffling into the heart of the 47,000-acre park are filled with tree groves, ponds, and other water bodies. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find this place as the perfect destination for hiking, biking, and big wall climbing. 

Interestingly, Acadia National Park is near Bar Harbor, where you can settle in and get your needed amenities. 

Bar Harbor

You should never miss the opportunity to visit Bar Harbor in Maine. After all, it is known as the gateway of the Acadia National Park–one of the famous state parks in the United States. 

Bar Harbor presents itself as one of the most scenic destinations in Maine; however, it also has high-quality provisions, making its standard of living ideal for anyone. It is situated alongside the Frenchman Bay, so while you are in here, your eyes will be spoiled with the heavenly watery views. Its craggy coastlines are also a major tourist magnet!

And since you are in Bar Harbor, you should be delighted by the fact that it is a jump-off point of the best whale watching tours that the state can offer–such as the Bar Harbor Whale Watch Company Cruises. Furthermore, the town exudes a unique charm that makes you think that you have visited a fantasy land. Bar Harbor has a thriving nightlife, as well. From bars to clubs, you can guarantee that your stay here will never be boring. Did I ever forget to say that Bar Harbor has low crime rates? 



If you are in Maine, it is a crime that you wouldn’t visit Portland. I mean, it is the best possible destination that you can visit in this state. Here, you will be able to witness beautiful coastlines, peaceful coastal communities, and eye-catching scenery. You will also enjoy lots of lobsters! 

But of course, Portland is more than just those things. It is the largest metropolitan in Maine, having a population size of approximately 66,000 people. It has a unique topography and thriving economy, as well, making it always bustle day in and day out. Portland also offers visitors a chance to see its rich art collections and well-preserved architectural creations, which are seen on its Old Port. You should never miss the chance to visit it!

The biggest city in Portland does not lack museums, boutiques, and restaurants in its downtown area. It provides you with something that lets you experience life to the fullest. And if that’s too much for you, then you can simply head to the scenic lighthouses and shorelines on the city’s peripheries. 

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